Friday, January 29, 2010

Decision woes

Just when i thought i'm destined to be jobless.. 1,2,3 offers came knocking! Really thank God for the blessings.. but now I need to rack my (lack of)brains on which offer to accept.. If only it is so straightforward to just choose the company that offers the highest salary..BUT *sigh*.. 'ren qings' came into play...

Was just talking to Karen on msn about owing 'ren qings'... this issue is just so complicated.. especially when people put in so much effort just to pull you in... it is like an offer where you just can't reject.. and this is what happened to me and Company A..

Company A

Went to interview for a L&D post.. hiring manager liked me but she is also aware that L&D is not my forte, so she did a very nice thing.. She roped in a senior HR BP to help me source for a suitable HR post within the Co.. which to me, was a very thoughtful gesture.

Turns out that my ex-boss is also in Co A.. and she coincidentally has a she called me up to offer me the role (without any interviews!) immediately.. I was ecstatic because I didn't have a single offer back then.. hence I gave her my verbal approval.

BUT.. as it was against the Co's policy to just hire a person without interviewing, my ex-boss had to ask the L&D hiring manager to write in a recommendation for me (since she & the senior HRBP have already interviewed me earlier) so that I can be selected for the position.. and that was exactly what the hiring manager did...

Apparently..the recommendation that she wrote on me was so good that my ex-boss's boss quickly gave the thumbs up for me to be selected.

AND (as if its not complicated enough)... many HR personnels in Co. A knows me (they were from my ex-co).. so in a way, I was already quite 'well-known' in there..

Dramatic enough? Story doesn't end here... *wait for it*

* * *

Company B

I applied for a position in Co. B eons ago (ok ok.. abt 1 mth ago).. no sound from them at all.. then suddenly.. at 8+pm on a tuesday night, i received a call from the hiring manager, asking me if I would like to go for an interview.

As I had already given my verbal approval to Co. A, i rejected the interview invitation... but the hiring manager was adamant to invite me down..and she gave me alot of reasons on why I should give their Co a try... so..... i said yes eventually. Just for an interview mah.. or so I thought...

The interviews (3 rounds in a single day) proceeded very smoothly.. and they offered me a sweet deal.. a deal where I find it quite hard to refuse.

My guess is, the hiring manager is very keen to hire me.. so she quickly arranged for the final round of interview with the big boss.. and well, the rest is history.

Only deal-breaker is, this is a contract position, convertable to a permanent role. But God knows when will that happen?..

* * *


1) Co. A, on learning that I have another offer from Co. B, immediately converted the position to a permanent role for me. It was such a sudden move that I am still struggling to believe this. And I owe too many people 'ren qing' in here.

2) Co. C, aka my ex-co, asked me if I want to go back (no fight, because I don't eat hui tou cao)

3) Co. B's reputation is wider and seemingly more prospects.. alot of my friends ask me to consider this Co (before they know this is a contract role hahah) because of its reputation.

* * *

So which one should I take? A or B??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waiting game

I really hate the waiting game.. especially when hope seems to be diminishing by the seconds..

Crossing my fingers tight. Again.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Its mid Dec already..

Time flies~ 1 more week before Jerome turns 2 months old.. He is really a cutie pie.. his smiles really melts my heart~ Oh yes, he is a 'mini Ant'.. looks-wise. Pictures are uploaded in my FB.. lazy to post here again :p

My heart always feels warm when I look at my little baby boy.. the way he sleeps.. the way he cringes when he cries.. the way he squeeze his lil mouth into an 'o' shape as if trying to communicate with us.. the way he smiles..and of course his lovely baby scent.. i just love him so much!

I simply love to carry Jerome close to me, to smell him and to baby-talk him.. I guess all babies have this power to turn adults into a mush.. Its quite funny to witness how babies can transform the usually shy/fierce/quiet person into a baby-talking machine... :)

Motherhood this time round is much easier for me, thanks to my new helper. She is a young girl just fresh out from her pastor's home. May has a mild attitude, is willing to learn and quite shy at first. Oh and she really likes to sing! *she is singing this very minute to coax Jerome to sleep* I have no qualms about her singing, but she tends to sing a tad too loud for my liking.. actually i wonder how can Jerome sleep with that kinda volume?? lol~ Anyway, she is very hardworking too.. we keep asking her to go take a nap whenever she is free, but she just doesn't want to. Aiyo~ We are so worried she will be tired out..

As much as I love to bond with Jerome, I haven't forgotten about Ariel either. Maybe its due to my conscious effort to NOT neglect her, which in turn makes me give in to her whines and naughty behaviour most of the time. Big mistake! Now Ariel is becoming more spoilt! She cries at the slightest provocation and kicks up a big fuss over a minor thing.. and she expects the adults to rush to her side the moment she cries.. *sigh* I know all these are just her antics to seek our attention.. but i feel its getting way out of hand... its time i start to discipline her. I just hope she don't feel we are purposely punishing her and giving all our love to Didi.. its tough being a parent to 2 kids.. I'm a typical Libra, so i always make sure fair treatment and attention are given equally to both kids.. aiyo head big ar~~~

* * *

I have been sending out applications for the past 1 week.. barely anyone replied... i feel so down and gloomy just thinking about this.. the future looks so bleak now.. hai~~ I really hope I will be able to find a good job asap!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jerome!

Baby Jerome has arrived on 21 Oct 2009!

My birth story as follows:

0300: Felt some contractions (definately not Braxton Hicks), slightly painful, but bearable. Woke up and time. Contractions came at 5-6 mins apart.

0400: 1 hour passed, can feel the contractions intensifying but still bearable. I even tell Ant that I want to 'tong' till 9am so that we can go my gynae's office to confirm that ITS time. (per previous experience hehee)

0500: Contractions came at every 4-5 mins. Getting more and more painful.. but STILL want to 'tong' till 9am... Almost cannot lie down/walk straight by now.. every wave of contraction almost knock me out!

0600: CANNOT TONG already! Contractions getting too painful by now. Ant said better admit to Mt A asap! Ariel was promptly forced to wake up.. last minute packings were done.. and i took a long-suffering bath (cos contractions were still coming on strong)..

0745: Reached Mt A finally. The walk from the carpark to the hospital was a torture! Had to stop dead in my tracks whenever a contraction came. I didn't care that I was in the middle of a busy carpark.. i just STOPPED there and winced in pain. :p A kind-hearted man saw that I was in great pain and offered to push us a wheelchair.. thank God for him!!

0750: Being wheeled to delivery ward immediately because I'm really in pain by now.

0755: Reached delivery ward. Midwife ask me to change into the hospital gown and pee into a cup (dunno for what). Took a longgggg time to get change cos I was hit with 2 contractions during this time. In the end, couldn't pee too due to the intense pain.

0805: Midwife did VE.. I was already 6-7cm dilated!!

(Asked for epidural 3 times but midwife keep rejecting me! She said by the time the anaesthetist come, my baby wld have already come out!)

0818: Felt a warm gush of water rushing out. Thought I had unknowingly peed, but turned out that my waterbag had burst on its own.

0820: Felt the urge to push. Started to push even though midwife asked me to wait for Dr Fong. (how to wait?!) Can feel my nether regions tearing when Jerome was crowning... *cringed at that thought*

0828: Arrival of Baby Jerome!

* * *

Dr Fong came shortly after.. and as usual whenever I see him, i just felt very calm.. He just has this 'aura' around him that gives me the calming effect upon seeing him.. I know I can leave myself in his good professional hands.. i love my gynae la!

Dr Fong always like to chat with Ant about his research stuff.. so while the 2 guys were happily chatting away, I was happily getting high on laughing gas when Dr Fong was stitching me up... This time round I can feel the sting when he was stitching me.. cos I got no epidural to fall back on.. really thank God for the laughing gas! Though its not as effective as the epi, but at least it can take abit of pain away.. ouchie~

Dr Fong commented that I have a high threshold of pain. He was very incredulous when we told him that I still want to 'tong' till 9am to go his clinic to see him.. luckily we didnt wait any longer he said.. teehee~

* * *

After resting in the delivery ward for awhile, I was wheeled to the normal ward. I was unbelievably energetic after giving birth (maybe its due to the laughing gas heh heh)! So I spent the next 2 hours chatting over smses!

Lunch was served shortly and not sure why, but my appetite seemed to be very good.. cos i gobbled everything up!

Overall this birth experience was very different from my 1st delivery where I was shivering & vomitting due to the after effects of epidural. I am actually quite glad that I went through this birth au naturale because now I know the real feeling of giving birth. And right now, I just feel very blessed with my 2 beautiful children. :)

* * *

Pictures coming up!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I was just reading barlee's blog.. and i cannot help but think... we must be twins in our previous lives! We may not be always facing the same sticky situations, but it seems that we always run into some problems at the same time!

*bar if you are reading this, just wanna tell you i suddenly miss you alot..dunno why.. *

If you notice, I hardly ever blog about my emotional well-being, but this time, I just feel like saying something. Maybe to let off steam. To make myself being 'heard'. But i know things won't change much. Have you ever heard that leopards never change its spots?

Anyway, I've been feeling like shiat for the past couple of.. months? years? I just feel so trapped.

Have also been flaring up frequently in the recent months.. and it all boils down to me being irritated by someone/something. Its like I have been bottling up all these feelings all these time and finally, I can't take it anymore! My mother once asked me why has my temper changed from being so mild in the past to being so explosive now.. To that, I can only say I am being forced into this. Who would want to morph into a scary monster who is so full of angst all the time? Everything happens for a reason.

I do pity Ariel.. because she has seen the worst side in me. And everytime after i exploded, i need to cover my feelings again and explained to her why Mummy did what she did...... :(

I think i need to change something in my life.. and it will definately be drastic. But me being me, I don't know how or where to start.......

I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE PITS~! But i am trapped.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unconventional laundry

Hmmm~ What is lil Ariel doing?

Doing laundry at such a tender age?

Hanging up her 'unconventional' toys - Spoons and what-nots.. -___-"

Scrutinizing her 'laundry'..

*smile* The creativity of kids...

Hungry after doing laundry.. so snatch my food to eat.. aiyo~

Happily watching TV

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photos Galore!

Finally a chance to upload photos, so taking this once-a-week opportunity to post everything up at once! *wink @ SIL*

The photos go all the way back to September..

* * *

20 Sept 2009 - Heartwarming pics :)

'Specially for my Ting" Ant says
In order to protect his dignity, I had to mosaic away his spastic smile :p

* * *

28 Sept 2009 - My birthday

For a full recount of my birthday experience, refer to earlier post.. :p Shall just post (the very limited) pics here~

Lets go!

On the way to Vivo

Having fun at the play area

* * *

11 Oct 2009 - Pasting of wall decals in Ariel's & Didi's rooms

Ariel's room

The original wall decal

Close up of the stickers

Added in the word "Ariel" to cartoon-fied the decal - Reused from her 1st birthday! ;)

Didi's room

Original wall decal

Individual stickers of the planes

* * *

10 Oct 2009 - Our Sleeping Beauty

While Daddy & Mummy are posing........

I am happily snoozing...

* * *

16 Oct 2009 - Having fun with Playdoh

* * *

17 Oct 2009 - Random pics of cheeky Ariel